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李偉強牧師 Rev. David Lee

超越平凡   Exemplifying Christ
  Living Beyond Ordinary 活出基督


「超越平凡」是角聲一貫的信念。我們要超越平凡,為的不是要表現自我,而是要心意更新。不苟且,不因循,不斷地突破界  限,務求為主做得更好,更有效。

“Exemplifying Christ” has been the mission of CCHC.  We are not only preaching the gospel or writing about the gospel, but living out the gospel in all that we do.

“Living Beyond the Ordinary” has been the mandate of CCHC.  We humbly believe that as Christians, we are transformed and renewed every day.  With Christ within us, we wish to live our lives in an extraordinary fashion by going above and beyond normality.